xSuperTrend Indicators for Metatrader MT4 build600

Here are the xSuperTrend Indicators updated for Metatrader MT4 build600. Please note that there are various different indicators called supertrend. These ones use the following formula found somewhere on the […]


Upgrade Parameter/Extern Variables in MT4 indicators and EAs for the Build 509 to Build 600 Update

This utility program can be used to remove or replace ‘.’ in parameter names / extern variables¬† in MT4 source code (mq4 files). It can be used when converting indicators […]


Xi-Dashboard for the M15 swinger system updated for Metatrader MT4 build 600+

The Xi-Dashboard is a Metatrader MT4 dashboard indicator for Big Es trading system based on CH Stochastics Method, also called the M15 swinger system. More information about it can be […]

Xi-Sessions Indicator for MT4

Xi-Sessions: Metatrader MT4 session indicator for build 600+

This version of the sessions indicator has been updated for Metatrader MT4 build 600+. It draws a session channel with 2 vertical lines to mark the beginning and the end […]

Xi-Sessions Indicator for MT4

Xi-Sessions Session indicator for MT4

Sessions Indicator for Metatrader MT4. Draws a Sessions channel on the chart with 2 vertical lines to mark the beginning and the end of the session and two horizontal trend-lines within the session to mark the high and low of the session.

SuperTrend Indicator for MT4

SuperTrend Indicators for Metatrader MT4

There are various super trend indicators for MT4. This one works by setting the levels based on the candle close beyond the ATR value. I do not know who originally came up with this formula.